Tina Nayak

Startup Growth Consultant & Habit Coach

I’m Tina, a Berlin-based growth professional. I enable tech startups to deliver on their growth goals with smart, repeatable, and actionable growth strategies powered by the rigor of data and consumer insights.

When I'm not solving startup problems, I'm likely honing my habits, building new ones, and sharing my habit-building system with women who want to build habits that stick. Habits that are less work and pure joy! In my free time, I write about these them.


Our lives are nothing but a garland of choices. It’s these choices that decide how happy we are.

I’m a person of habits guided by purpose, values, and joy. That said, by no means have I figured it all out (I don’t think anyone has even though it might appear so.)

I deeply care about being true to myself and the people I choose to work with. I value trust, deep relationships, and a sense of shared purpose. Learning and sharing are two sides of the same coin.

Interestingly, I also find it incredibly hard to fit into a single box. So I write. I write to unbox the beautifully wrapped boxes my mind gifts me every day.

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Tina truly created our marketing strategy from scratch. As an accomplished Marketing professional, she led the development and execution of our marketing programs, PR, lead management, and all operations around marketing all independently. Tina is a great manager, her team has been the happiest and most cohesive at the company. I would love to work with Tina again in the future."

Valerie Wagoner
Chief Growth Officer, GoPay
(Previously: Twitter, Credit Karma)

Working with Tina has been a constant learning journey. Her sharp analytical mindset combined with the gift of empathic listening makes her a valuable supporter of every growth strategy. With Tina you can expect structured frameworks and data sets, while getting a better understanding of the human element in the equation.

Kathleen Olstedt
Advisor, hy - the Axel Springer Consulting Group


I am an international growth and product marketing professional for tech startups. I'm driven by the belief that growth is not a goal but an outcome of a deep understanding of your users and customers combined with decisions that are informed by data.

I am on my second entrepreneurial endeavor as I co-founded my startup Useristics to help businesses deeply understand their users to drive product and business growth. Our mission is to enable startup founders and their teams to ‘power-up their user understanding’, by providing advanced knowledge and actionable insights to scale across markets with confidence.

My core experience lies in scaling businesses and teams based on proven marketing and execution frameworks in India and Europe.

I've been fortunate to be a part of a few high-growth startups, such as Zipdial (acquired by Twitter), Preply, Babbel, Rentomojo.

Prior to this, apart from having founded and sold her first startup NaturalMantra.com, a natural, organic products marketplace. She has worked closely with ambitious startup founders to bring together a strategic approach to solving different growth problems across a variety of business models such as Ed-tech marketplace, subscription/sharing economy, e-commerce, and mobile-first markets like India.

Tina a startup person at heart and also enjoys mentoring on at Techstars, GINSEP and Founders Fund in Berlin. She’s a huge advocate of no-code and uses the power of no-code to experiment and test ideas fast.

Cracking the growth code

Growth is a fascinating topic. Whether it's growing startups or personal growth, I believe in learning and growing together.

Expect to read content around:
1. User-centric growth for startups
2. Building habits that stick’
3. Curated content I found interesting on the web

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“When you fall in love with the process rather than the product, you don’t have to wait to give yourself permission to be happy. You can be satisfied anytime your system is running.”
-- James Clear, author Atomic Habits

As the pandemic began in early 2020, something in me resented giving in to the new lockdown. I did not want to be a victim of the situation. Instead, I wanted to own my day, do the things I wanted and most of all find a way to be happy in the grim news that engulfed us. Our systems decide how happy we are and the past systems were being challenged with new schedules. This is where my life changed forever.

To own my life, I had to own my time and design my day with the things that make me feel good. Do those things that make me happy. So, I created my own data-driven system to track my habits on Google sheet. Fascinated by the Compounding growth curve, I was determined to see how that would look if I put real data in. What started as an experiment out of curiosity become an obsession and is now a repeatable system for anyone who wants to build habits. I used 'Habit Capsules' as my daily dose of vitamins to improve my life, find joy and become a whole new person.

If there's one thing that changed my life it's this >> Cracking the code to make habits stick and become an inseparable part of me.

Read about my experiment on How I Built 6 Habits in 6 Months with Habit Capsules.

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